How To Mix Bedroom Furniture

How To Mix Bedroom Furniture

Are you looking to mix and match your bedroom furniture for a new look? Good news! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a completely new set of fitment. With a few simple tips, you can create a unique space that is personalized to your style without breaking the bank. In this article, we will discuss how to mix bedroom furniture in a way that is both stylish and cost-effective.

What are the best materials to use for mixing bedroom furniture?

Choosing the right materials for bedroom furniture is a big decision. The pieces should be stylish, durable, and fit your budget. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, different materials may be better suited for you than others. Here are some of the best options when it comes to mixing bedroom furniture:

Wood is one of the most popular choices when it comes to bedroom furniture. It looks timeless and can match almost any decor style. Wood can also last for years with proper care and maintenance, making it a great long-term investment in your home furnishings. Additionally, wood is available at various price points so you can find something that fits your budget as well as your style needs. 

Metals such as stainless steel or brass are perfect if you’re looking for something with a more modern look and feel.

Furniture Mixing Basics:

Choosing a Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme for your bedroom is essential in creating a space that reflects your personality and style. When it comes to mixing fitment pieces, color can be used to tie everything together cohesively. The key to finding the perfect palette for your bedroom is knowing how to mix different hues and tones together.

First, decide on a main color for the room, such as white or gray. This will create an overall neutral base that you can add other colors onto. Then look at accent pieces like bedding or artwork, and draw from those shades when selecting wall paint or furniture items. A good rule of thumb is to keep all walls in one shade but add in additional pops of bolder colors through pillows, rugs and accessories.

Consider Style and Functionality

When it comes to bedroom furniture, style and functionality are both important. Today’s homeowners want the ability to mix and match different pieces of bedroom furniture that have both a stylish appearance and practical purpose. To mix bedroom fitment successfully, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. 

The elements that you choose should work together seamlessly, creating a cohesive look throughout the room. Additionally, make sure every piece is functional; you don’t want a beautiful headboard that takes up too much space or an armor with no storage options. A mirrored dresser works well for smaller spaces and can be used as a vanity in addition to providing extra storage for clothes or linens. If you’re looking for something more traditional, wooden bed frames and nightstands offer durability and timeless elegance.

Measure Your Space

For homeowners looking to mix and match bedroom furniture, measuring the space is an important first step. Knowing the exact measurements of the room will help ensure that you purchase pieces that fit perfectly with your existing decor. Taking a few moments to measure your space will save time and hassle in the long run.

Before purchasing any fitment, check the dimensions of each item and compare it to the size of your bedroom. If possible, use a tape measure or ruler to get an accurate idea of what items can fit into which spots in your room. This is especially important for larger items like beds, dressers, and armories as these need ample room for placement. When shopping online include measurements from wall-to-wall so you have enough information on hand when making decisions about potential purchases.

Utilize the Bedroom Corners

When it comes to mixing bedroom furniture, many homeowners often forget about utilizing the corners of the room. This is a surprisingly simple and effective way to add a unique touch to any bedroom, without taking up too much space or making the area feel cluttered. 

Add a small corner desk or table in your bedroom for an extra work surface or shelf space. Place a chair next to it for comfort and convenience when performing tasks like writing letters, reading books, or doing homework. Positioning this type of furniture in the corner allows you to maximize floor space while still providing enough room for other pieces of fitment such as nightstands and dressers. 

If you are looking for additional seating options, consider adding a cozy loveseat in one of your corners.

Don’t Overcrowd the Room

When it comes to furnishing bedrooms, bigger isn’t always better. It’s important to consider the size of the room and how much furniture you need in order for it to be comfortable and functional. Overcrowding a bedroom with too many pieces of fitment can make the space feel cluttered and claustrophobic, so make sure you take your time when deciding what pieces will work best in your room. 

To achieve a balanced look, try mixing different types of fitment together such as a dresser, nightstands, bedside tables, and armchairs. You don’t have to choose all matching pieces either; by adding fitment that has different heights or textures you can add visual interest to the room without overcrowding it.

Experiment with Unusual Combinations

Experimenting with unusual combinations of bedroom furniture can be a great way to create a unique and stylish look for your home. Mixing different colors, textures, and styles of fitment can help to make your bedroom stand out from the crowd. With the right combination of items, you can create an exciting design that is both modern and inviting.

When experimenting with unusual combinations, start by selecting one item that stands out as the focal point in your room. This could be an armchair or sofa in a bold pattern or color. Once you have chosen this piece, you can use it as the starting point when picking other items such as tables, dressers, nightstands, mirrors and lighting fixtures. When choosing these pieces keep in mind that they should complement each other while still adding interest to your space.

Mixing bedroom furniture tips:

Use nightstand

Nightstands are often overlooked when it comes to mixing and matching furniture for a bedroom. However, this essential piece of furniture is an important part of creating the perfect space. Nightstands provide both beauty and functionality and can even be used to create interesting designs. With some creativity, you can use nightstands to mix bedroom furniture in order to create a unique, stylish look. 

When selecting nightstands for your bedroom, consider their size as compared with the other pieces of fitment in the room. If you have larger pieces like dressers or headboards, then opt for smaller night stands that won’t overpower them. You may also want to consider color and style when choosing night stands; pick those that complement the other furnishings in your room but still stand out enough to draw attention.


A dresser is an essential piece of furniture to have in any bedroom. Not only does it provide a place to store clothing, but it can also be used to mix up the look and style of your bedroom furniture. Whether you’re looking for a new dresser that complements existing pieces or one that stands out as the focal point of the room, there are plenty of options available. 

The key is to find something that fits your overall aesthetic while still offering plenty of storage space. Dressers come in many shapes and sizes ranging from vintage-inspired pieces with intricate detailing to contemporary designs with sleek lines and modern features such as built-in shelving units or drawers for smaller items.

Bed bench

A bed bench is an essential piece of furniture for those looking to mix bedroom furniture. Its versatile design allows it to be used in a variety of ways and adds a touch of sophistication to the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for extra seating, storage, or just a place to rest your feet and relax, a bed bench can do the trick! 

When deciding on the perfect bed bench for your home, consider its style and size. Measure the space you have available in your room before purchasing so that you get one that fits perfectly. You may also want to think about what other pieces of fitment you plan on mixing with it – this will help determine the material, color, and design of your new bench. From traditional tufted benches to modern metal designs, there are plenty of options out there suitable for any style home decor.

Table lamp

A table lamp is a must-have accessory when it comes to mixing fitment in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for an elegant statement piece or something more subtle, the right table lamp can transform your space into an inviting haven. From vintage-inspired Edison bulb fixtures to sleek contemporary designs, there are plenty of options on the market to choose from. 

When selecting a table lamp, consider its placement in relation to other bedroom furniture such as beds and dressers. It should be placed at a lower level than any other pieces so that there is sufficient ambient light while still highlighting key design elements of nearby furnishings. Also think about how much light you need – if it’s for reading in bed then opt for a brighter fixture with adjustable features like dimmable lighting or adjustable arms that can direct light where needed.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps are an essential part of any bedroom furniture mix. Whether you’re looking to light up a corner, add some extra ambience or just want to make a statement, there’s no better way than with the perfect floor lamp. Floor lamps can be used in any room to offer additional illumination and enhance the look of your furniture. Not only do they provide great lighting for reading or other tasks, but they also come in countless styles and designs that will suit any home decor. 

The great thing about floor lamps is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find one to fit perfectly into any space. There are traditional designs that incorporate classic lines and curves as well as modern pieces with sleek metal finishes and eye-catching accents. Additionally, many come with multiple light sources so you can adjust the brightness level according to your needs.

Use Corner rack

Adding a corner rack to your bedroom is an easy way to mix up your furniture and make the most of your space. This type of piece not only comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials but can also be used for a variety of purposes. It’s an ideal option for storing items or displaying decorations, allowing you to add some personality to your room without cluttering it up. 

When selecting a corner rack for your bedroom, consider the size and purpose you have in mind. Smaller racks are perfect for holding items like books or small trinkets while larger ones are great for showcasing home decor pieces that really make a statement. If you’re looking for more storage space, adding shelves or drawers can be beneficial as well as stylish.

Use colorful rug

When it comes to mixing and matching bedroom furniture, there is no better way to tie the room together than with a colorful rug. A rug can transform the look of a room from dull and boring to vibrant and inviting. Not only does it add color, but also texture and warmth that creates an inviting atmosphere for restful nights of sleep.

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom can be tricky as there are so many colors and styles to choose from. For a timeless look, go for neutral colors like grey or beige which will match any kind of furniture you have in the room. If you want something more bold and eye-catching, a patterned rug is sure to grab attention while still bringing together all of your furniture pieces in harmony. No matter what style or design you choose, make sure it’s comfortable enough for bare feet!


Mixing bedroom furniture is a great way to spruce up your space and add personality. Remember to consider the size of the room, color palette, and desired style when choosing furniture pieces. Additionally, it’s important to keep functionality in mind when making choices.

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